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Beautiful Purebred Nubian Buckling!

Keswick, Virginia 22947

  • Date posted: Apr 29th 2023
  • Price: $100.00


Meet Cappuccino! Cino is a Nubian bottle baby buckling. He was born April 26th and weighs 12 pounds at 3 days old! We can wether if preferred. He will be disbudded this coming week. His unique coloring makes him stand out from other kids! He is very, very friendly with people (and kids) and good with dogs, cats, and other goats. Must go to a home with at least one other goat or sheep. He would make a wonderful stud for future dairy babies! His mom, aunt, and grandma are all great milkers! He would also make an excellent pet or meat goat. He is not registered and has no papers so we are only asking $100. 

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