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Registered Nubian Bucks

Mariposa, California 95338

  • Date posted: Jul 18th 2022
  • Price: $400.00


Add some color to your flock. These 5 FLASHY boys are still looking for new herds to sire! It's difficult to have bucks, because you have to house them separately and they need a friend. So, why not get two bucks? The options below offer different genetics, so they can be used in rotation and not breed themselves out of a home. They have nice color combinations, so you can mix & match to pass on lots of color and flash to your kids. Option 1 - Phineas & Pierce Option 2 - Phineas & Pendleton Option 3 - Phineas & Prescott Option 4 - Percival & Pendleton Option 5 - Percival & Pierce Option 6 - Percival & Prescott Purebred Nubians, registered, clean/closed herd, fully vaccinated, dam raised, but super friendly (also really important in a buck)! All approximately 4.5 months old and ready to breed this season! Price listed is for 2 bucks. Individual bucks are $300 each. I am more concerned that they get to go to a farm where they will be loved and well cared for than money at this point!

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