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Saanen Doe for Sale in Milk

Snohomish, Washington 98296

  • Date posted: Jul 7th 2022
  • Price: $300.00


Daisy is a very friendly Doe who has been bred three times and has had three successful deliveries. Goats can have babys til they are 10 so you have three more seasons to breed her:) She has large udders making her easy to milk.  We are transitioning to Nigerian Dwarfs and have specific 4-H goals with limited space on our homestead. Daisy is a purebred Saanen goat. Daisy lives in a family with kids who play and love on her all day long. Daisy is seven years old and we purchased her from a family that was moving.   An approved home would look like: Shelter, room to roam, fences, and other goats is a must! Email with questions to meet this lovely Doe!

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