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ADGA & AGS registered Nigerian Dwarf Doe

FAIR GROVE, Missouri 65648

  • Date posted: May 20th 2022
  • Price: $375.00


Double H Mini Farm Maybelle2 year old ADGA & AGS registered doeSIRE: AGS Steejae Goat Ranch RansomDAM: AGS Harmony Creek DixieBlack and white with roaning; blue eyesThis was my first doe. I got her in April. She is 2 years old, but very small. She is a pretty and a sweet doe. Bottle raised. I have been trying to breed her for 2 months with no luck. Maybe I am just missing her heat, but I cannot guarantee she will breed, or if she will need to just be a pet. I tested her for CAE and Johnes in April. Results available if wanted. She was also dewormed in April. She is up to date on CDT.  $375 with papers Located in Fair Grove, MO

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