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Registered Nubian Bucklings

Red Rock, Texas 78662

  • Date posted: Sep 1st 2021
  • Price: $300.00


Three of these bucklings were born as triplets to a first time freshener, named Ginger Mae.  She gave birth within an hour without our help. Their Sire is our PureBred buck named Maximus. 

They were born on May 7th.  Their names are Hoss, Bonanza Joe and Big Adam.  Hoss is primarily brown and has sliver ears, Bonanza Joe is tri colored, and Big Adam is the brown goat with brown ears.

Then we have Lonestar, he is two -ish weeks younger than the triplets and born on May 17th.  He is our singleton buckling born to a Purebred mama named Lucy. Lonestar's sire is Maximus as well.  He is black and silver. 

All four of the bucklings have been disbudded and are intact.   

These bucklings will make a nice addition to your goat herd.  We have separated the bucklings from their dams and they are all ready to go.  They're already acting "bucky".  They will be ready to breed your does this fall.  We are located approximately 10 miles south of Lockhart.  

Please call us for more information at 512-923-7378. 

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