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Kohler® MULTIPLEX® 9600

Houston, Texas 77022

  • Date posted: Jul 14th 2021
  • Price: $5200.00


The AMP® MUTLIPLEX® 9600 is the newest version of the globally patented generator/compressor/welder. This unit is Powered By Kohler® COMMAND PRO 14 HP engine. It is a great tool for construction companies, farmers or ranchers, maintenance crews, assisting them with any job. The COMMAND PRO III® 9500 does a variety of basic welding jobs, powered with 110 PSI of compressor strength, and with 6,500 watts of power generation it handles a variety of jobs as well, including: lights, grinder, nail guns, plasma cutter (separate air supply needed) or back up emergency power.


What’s Included


  • (1) Welder/generator/compressor with Kohler® COMMAND PRO 14 HP engine

  • (1) 10 ft. ground cable/clamp

  • (1) 10 ft. electrode cable/holder

  • (1) Water proof protective unit cover

  • (2) axles

  • (4) Mud wheels

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