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Dappled Bucklings For Sale

KINGSTON, Illinois 60145

  • Date posted: Mar 28th 2021
  • Price: $200.00


Born Jan 13th to a dappled lamancha (sire was a dappled purebred Nubian).Buck #1: White with dappled brown spots. Slightly skiddish but strong and smart.Buck #2: Brown with white belt & a few spots. VERY FRIENDLY. Loves to play & get pet.Have been given wormer feed (3/22) and are currently on Meiss sweet feed and alfalfa mix hay.Both available at $200 each or $350 for both. Cash only & pickup only (can not deliver).Mother is dappled brown & white lamancha with very calm demeanor, excellent caretaker. Both bucks were nursed, not bottle fed. Sire was dappled brown & white Nubian.

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