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Selling Out - Game Fowl and Housing

Magnolia, Texas 77354

  • Date posted: Mar 22nd 2021
  • Price: Please Contact


SELLING OUT - Housing-Folding Fly pens; Dog Kennels; Wooden Pens; Welded Pens; Plastic Teepees; Pyramid Pens; Chick Pens on Wheels; Game Fowl: Harold Brown Grays; McLean Green Leg Hatch; Growdy Japs; Kelso; Lacy Roundhead; Asil from Jeremy Chandler; Yellow Leg Hatch; Blackwater Sweater; Pure and Cross Stags, Pullets, and Hens; Misc.-Tie Cords, Wing and Leg Bands. Serious inquiries only. Large discount if everything is bought at once. Call John, (832) 948-5137, or email,

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