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95 organic acres -- Hand-hewn log home -- Centerville, NY, Allegany County

Centerville, New York 14029

  • Date posted: Nov 10th 2020
  • Price: $314500.00


NEGOTIABLE! -- VERY PRIVATE in Allegany County, New York, a stunningly beautiful area of upstate New York. Custom built HANDHEWN LOG HOUSE (2nd growth Canadian white pine), new roof, barn, enclosed woodshed, chicken coop, storage shed, and other out buildings on approximately 95+ ORGANIC ACRES of which 50+ acres are MATURE HARDWOOD FOREST. Includes PASTURES, TWO CREEKS, POND. BLISSFULLY QUIET, 3/4 mile from the nearest country road.


All of the WROUGHT IRON HARDWARE of the house was made by a Dutch blacksmith. The doors are also handmade. My own trees were milled by the Amish to fashion the cherry, ash, hemlock and pine floors which were then face nailed with square cut nails and finished by hand with tung oil. The windows are also Amish-made with real wood muntins. The house is 2 story (26'x36'). (A full standing attic with the possibility of adding 2 or more rooms actually makes the house 3 story.) The logs are 8" thick and the house is heated by woodstoves. The building is made with the environment and nature in mind. Everything is solid, natural, and of extremely high quality. There are no "poly" anything — no formaldehydes, no plywood, no plastic, no artificial materials of any kind. The floors are finished with tung oil; there are no nails holding the building together — only the beautiful complexities of the locked joints.


There are some RARE FORMS OF PLANTS in the woods as reported by a field biologist; e.g. the white form of the pink lady slipper, the pink form of the white baneberry, three types of trillium, Indian pipe, and others. As well, there are many WILD AND INTERESTING ANIMALS - deer, mink, fisher, opossum, beaver, raccoon... crayfish in the creeks, which signify clean waters, unique salamanders, etc.


Besides the extensive wildlife there are many WILD, EDIBLE FOODS: raspberries, field strawberries, ramps (wild garlic or leeks), blackberries, apples, gooseberries, may apples, mushrooms, fiddlehead ferns, Jerusalem artichokes, and more.


For many years I had sheep, goats, donkey, and many chickens. The coop is insulated. There is VIABLE FENCING and some of the fields have been CERTIFIED ORGANIC by New York State. The rest of the fields haven't been sown since 1976. Off-grid; there is no gas lease. LOW TAXES! I CAN ONLY BE CONTACTED BY TELEPHONE. TEXT ME AND I SHALL CALL YOU: 603-831-9863.

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