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Livestock, Farm + Ranch Guardian Puppies

Willamina, Oregon 97396

  • Date posted: Nov 6th 2020
  • Price: $1000.00


The litter is 1/2 Anatolian Shepherd, 1/4 Turkish Kangal, 1/4 South African Boerboel. There’s lots of info regarding their breed on our web page at! We’re in Willamina, OR. The puppies will be going to their new homes at 8 weeks on/around December 21st with a written health and performance guarantee, a 6-week vet exam, and will be weaned, dewormed, with first round of vaccinations. We’re asking $1000 for the puppies and intend to sell them as working dogs. The parents are both working dogs - they’ve both guarded chickens, sheep, goats, caged quails, as well as the other farm dogs, and our 70+ acre property, in general. They have the potential to guard however you want them to, as well as offer companionship and be an outside family dog. 

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