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Nigerian Dwarf Bucklings

Terre Haute , Indiana 47802

  • Date posted: Sep 10th 2020
  • Price: $100.00


We have 2 Nigerian Dwarf bucklings available for sale, $100 each. Born 2-12-2020.

Both are ADGA registered with 4-generation pedigree. Transfer paperwork and copy of pedigree will come with each buckling. 

Herd raised along with Great White Pyrenees, both are very strong and healthy. Both dam raised, no bottle babies. Both still have their horns. One has some moon spotting and the other has white socks! Both are brown-eyed.

We raise ALL our goats organically, which means no immunizations. We use herbal wormer weekly and have had zero issues with worms or other parasites. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

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