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Kunekune Piglets

San Benito, Texas 78586

  • Date posted: Apr 10th 2020
  • Price: $300.00

Unregistered pair of guaranteed pure Kunekune pigs, 1 sow & 1 bore under 4 months are $400 each, registered $100 ea.

Kunekune pigs are from New Zealand and the smallest domestic meat pig in the world.  They are the only true grazing pig and because they have short noses, they don't tear up the land like other breeds of pigs do.  Kunekunes are easy on fences and friendly pigs who like belly rubs.  Kunekunes are great for homesteaders who want to add pork to the meat they eat.  You know what they eat thus you know the quality of meat you are getting.  You can raise 5 Kunekune pigs on an acre of grass land, and they do well with other grazing animals.

One sow & 1 bore 4 to 8 months are $550 each.  If you get a 3rd gilt (same age), I reduce the final price by $100

Breeding age is 12 to 18 months, it’s also butcher age.  So, the older they are the longer I feed them, after 8 months I normally do not sell them.  Occasionally I sell an older breeding pair when available.  

There are several lines of Kunekune pigs, and I have 6 available now $400 and up depending on lines, markings and sex.  I have several singles for $300.  I offer discounts for multiples.  For more information please email.


Please let me know if you need anything else or have questions.  Thank you.

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