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wool and hair ewes

Bantam, Connecticut 06750

  • Date posted: Nov 19th 2019
  • Price: $200.00


I have decided to put the rest of my sheep up for sale. I have 5 Suffolk or Suffolk Hamp cross ewes ($175each), 2 hair wool cross ewes ($140 each) and 1 Suffolk hair cross ram ($100). Prefer to sell all together. The Suffolk/Hamp ewes are 3-4 years old, the hair cross ewes are around 3-6, and the ram is around 4. I was planning on keeping them but a deal on goats came across me and it would be easier to not have a handful of sheep to keep separate. Would make a great starter or add on to your herd. All are very good mothers and have raised great lambs. Mostly thrown singles and twins. All have been exposed to the ram since September 8th. All were wormed last spring.

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