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Red Baldie open replacement heifers - 8hd

Gonzales, Texas 78629

  • Date posted: Nov 6th 2019
  • Price: $6200.00


8 brangus or charbray x polled hereford heifers, 600-weight, home-raised, weaned and backgrounded

·         Actual weights, 7Sep2019: 500# to 588# 

·         Red mottled-faces and baldies (polled)

·         Birthdates January-April2019

·         Vaccinated, fence-line weaned, and backgrounded on home ranch

·         Gentle, come to cubes

 Vaccinated and dewormed: 

  • Clostridial-vaccinated, 3 doses (Cl. chauvoei, septicum, novyi, sordelli, perfringens C & D with M. bovis)
  • BVD, BRSV, IBR, and PI-3 vaccinated (modified live vaccine)
  • Lepto 5-way and Vibrio vaccine
  • Somnus-vaccinated (H. somnus)
  • pneumonia-vaccinated (Nuplura - M. haemolytica)
  • Pink-Eye (M. bovis) vaccinated
  • OCV (official calfhood vaccination against brucellosis)
  • Dewormed: Cydectin (June-July), Valbazen (Sep)

 Grass-fed plus minerals with Rumensin, limited grain & range cubes

 $6200.00 for all, on or before 15December2019; $850.00/hd for your choice of 2 or more heifers

  • Terms: Certified Funds (Cash or Cashier’s Check) 
  • Call (571)334-7108, 6am to 9pm CST (no texts)
  • No solicitations, contact welcomed from prospective buyers only



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