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*****Gentle and Thick Black Brangus Bulls*****

East Bernard, Texas 77435

  • Date posted: Mar 25th 2019
  • Price: $1800.00


Located 45 minutes west of Houston,Texas. Black Brangus Bulls that are 14-20 months old with large bone structure, gentle, plus ready to be put on your pasture immediately for $1,800 each.


Black Brangus Bulls have received all their shots, along with 8 - WAY Black Leg, Palpate Bovine, Stanguard, Long Range, Nuplura PH, Multimin, Virashield 6VL5HB, Nuflor, Banamine and Wart vaccinated.

Bulls have been fertility tested and trich tested.Choose what fits your cattle or bull needs. These Black Brangus Bulls are a great addition to add to your cattle ranch to qualify for the Farm/Agricultural Exemption.


If there is something you are looking that is not listed, please let me know so I can help. If you need the cattle or bull delivered, a freight service is available. Please contact George at 281-723-5344 (Please do not send Text Messages.) Se habla espanol.


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