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Wells Township, Michigan

  • Date posted: Oct 31st 2018
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Shady Lane Farms, Inc. is located in the center of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  More specifically, in Wells Township, Marquette County.  This farm began in the early 1900's and was developed through three generations. 

The farm consists of approximately 1,130 acres, located in two areas, approximately 3 miles apart. The second location (Section 3 Farm) is under More Properties. The property includes approximately 300 acres of tillable land and approximately 830 acres of rangeland and woodland.  

Through the years, the farm supported 40 dairy cows, 200 head of beef cattle and 40 acres of seed potatoes.  The location is very secluded which makes it ideal for research and seed crops. The farm has the potential for other livestock:  sheep, horses, buffalo, or wildlife.

Soils consist of sandy loam, suitable for growing alfalfa, corn, grain crops, and potatoes. Water access is available from the North Branch of the Ford River. The river runs through the farm.  There is also a large pond on the back side of the farm suitable for a water source.

The North Branch of the Ford River is home to Brook and Brown Trout, Small Mouth Bass, and stretches for canoeing, kayaking, and rafting.

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