Why Fall Is The Perfect Time To Visit An Iowa Winery

Visit an Iowa Winery this Fall

Iowa is known for some of the best agricultural resources in the world and this includes our local orchards and vineyards. As the summer continues to draw to a close, many of the Midwest's farming professionals who own groves and wineries are gearing up for their fall harvest. What does this mean for those of us that appreciate a great glass of, well, anything, really? It means that fall is truly the perfect time to visit an Iowa winery!

The Benefits of a Fall Wine Tour 

Heading out to one of our region's many wineries this September will offer you and your crew several distinctive features that may not be found throughout other times in the year. The first reason to check out a local vineyard this autumn is the weather. Summers here are gorgeous, but the weather can sometimes be a little too warm to be outside for an extended period of time. This changes with September as the air starts to become dryer and crisper (much like a fine glass of white). You and your friends will love having an opportunity to walk outside in the cooler temperatures and enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes offered at your chosen vineyard.

Speaking of sights, fall at an Iowa winery is sure to deliver a veritable feast for your eyes. It's no secret that September and the following months not only bring more moderate weather, but also gorgeous fall foliage. Many vineyards give guests tours throughout the property to give them an informative, up close look at their harvesting, crushing, and bottling methods. You'll have a chance to drink in the unique vintages offered at the winery, all while taking in the stunning fall colors that surround.

Seasonal faire is another reason to check out a vineyard this fall. All that walking around is sure to work up an appetite – and many wineries offer tastings at the end of the tour. Going in September gives you an opportunity to sample some of the locally sourced vegetables, herbs, and meats found in the area during the onset of comfort food season. 

What are some of your favorite ways to welcome fall? Leave us a note in the comments below. Don't forget to visit Farm2Ranch.com often for tips to help you run your farm at maximum capacity!

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