Why Dogs Are so Important for Running a Farm

If you run a farm, then you are probably aware that it’s a lot of work. In fact, there is so much work to be done on a daily basis that it feels like you’ll never finish it all. If you’re overwhelmed, then you’ll be happy to know that there’s a solution to a lot of your problems - dogs. While there are certain breeds that work better than others, it still remains true that dogs are assets to farms these days. 

Want to learn more about how dogs are so important for running a farm? If so, keep reading below.  

Benefits of farm dogs

There are tons of benefits to having dogs on the farm. Not only are they cheaper than other protection methods such as shed lambing, fencing, trapping, and hunting, but they also provide help in many different aspects. 

Herding and protecting livestock

With dogs, you can finish your daily chores knowing your herd is being well-protected. While you’re busy working, the dogs can guard and protect your herd against wild animals attempting to approach and harm them. 

They can also help when you need to herd your animals to and from pasture. Dogs are ingrained with natural instincts that make them perfect for gently leading herds where they need to go while also staying ever vigilant. 


In addition to herding and protecting, dogs are great hunting companions. Their heightened sense of smell, incredible agility, and high endurance make them perfect for sniffing out prey and tracking them down afterwards. Just be careful that your dogs don’t get distracted by the hunt if they’re supposed to also serve as a herding animal.

Killing vermin

Farms have unwanted visitors, that’s just a fact of nature. Whether they’re rats, skunks, snakes, etc, they’re all a pain to deal with. Having dogs on the farm can help though! They can sniff out the vermin and find them hiding. They can also alert you when they find them so you can dispose of them before they come in contact with livestock.

Home security

Who said the animals were the only ones needing protection? With farm dogs, you can rest assured that you have added home security. Farm dogs will protect your home from all home invaders, day or night, and will keep your family and your herd safe.

Farmers and Ranchers

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