When Farm-To-Table Meets Face-To-Face: Connect With Buyers At Next Farmers Market

Including farmer's markets in your marketing plan is an excellent way to bring your harvest to your local community. Regional farmer's markets offer farms of every size and scope an opportunity to further its agricultural reach and overall exposure. Knowing a few critical tips on how to minimize stress while maximizing profits can ensure you make your mark at the next farmer's market.

When gearing up for the next local event, consider these suggestions to optimize the overall experience:

Bring Your Very Best

As a farmer, you probably already know that image is everything when it comes to marketing your wares within the local community. Bring only your very best fruits, vegetables, herbs, and meats to local event to both impress attendees as well as encourage them to tell others about the quality of goods at your table. 

Feed The Eyes Too 

Don't underestimate the value of esthetics when it comes to setting up your display. It's not just about filling people's stomachs (although that's important, too); it's also about providing a feast for their eyes. Go beyond simply placing crops and products flat on your table. Fill baskets and use other display tools to make your booth as inviting and friendly as possible. 

Offer Giveaways 

Everyone loves free stuff, and the farmer's markets are no exception. Set up an area where you can offer handouts to passersby. Also, print out recipes and serving suggestions on cards to give out to attendees. Giveaways are a great way to get your products in the hands of locals.

Inform Your Public

People at farmer's markets love learning about the products they are buying. Provide ample information throughout your booth to give attendees as many details as possible about your farm. Growing tactics, price points, distinctive qualities and characteristics – even your social media pages and website address are just some of the most important information to share with consumers.

Track Results

Keep records of your time and financial investment at each farmer's market to track overall results at each event. You will notice key factors such as buying trends, profits, and overall return on investment. Managing these details will help you determine which events make sense to attend, as well as how to tweak your approach as needed to optimize results.

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