Sonoma County, CA Votes to Ban GMOs

Some more election news out of California. Sonoma County has voted to make it unlawful to propagate, cultivate, raise, or grow genetically modified crops. As I reported in June, the law does not prohibit people from consuming or selling GMO foods, or using genetic modification for medications.

Farmers – this one was totally directed at you.

The vote to ban GMOs was won by about 12% points. Some local races also became embroiled in the controversy and anti-GMO candidates were able to win their seats as a result.

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AmandaMy name is Amanda. I’m the proud daughter (and sister!) of conventional farmers in Southwest Michigan. I’m also a practicing attorney. For 26 years, my family ran and supplied a roadside market selling our own fresh fruits and vegetables. We now farm corn and soybeans.

Unfortunately, misinformation about food and agriculture is pervasive these days. My goal is to help educate consumers about conventional farming and give people a glimpse into how our food is raised and why certain production methods are used.

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