Practice Tractor Safety During Your Fall Harvest

Fall is rapidly approaching, and that means that many of us are about to embrace everything that comes with harvest season (if we haven't already started). It's a busy time of year for farmers. However, no matter how much we have to hustle throughout harvest, it's critical to ensure that safety remains our top priority. Whether this is your first or fortieth harvest, it's important to review and refresh on key ways to practice tractor safety this fall. 

Know Your Machine

Every tractor is different. It's important to understand the specifics of yours and how it works. Fall is the perfect time to reread your owner's manual to reacquaint yourself (as well as your team) on the nuances of your machine. You should also take this opportunity to look over your machine and ensure it's in good working condition. Replenish fluids as needed, check brakes, and take a test drive to make sure it's functioning properly.

Get Familiar With The Area

It's important to have a firm understanding of the terrain to ensure you stay safe on your tractor at all times. Take your crew out for a walk around the property before anyone gets on the heavy machinery. Point out areas of caution: slopes, holes, and other grade changes, so everyone is aware of the spots they should exercise extra care around once they get on the tractor.

Start Your Engine - Outside

Remind your staff that they should never start a tractor inside a closed shed, barn, or garage. Releasing exhaust fumes into a closed space builds up carbon monoxide, which can prove deadly. Only turn on your machine when it's outside to ensure you're safe at all times.

Stay Put

Never try to exit a tractor while it's running. Even jumping off "for a second" can have dangerous and potentially fatal consequences. Turn your engine completely off and then dismount from the driver seat to ensure your safety. 

Gas Up When It's Cool

You may feel tempted to gas up while the engine is running (or even just still hot from use). However, this can be hazardous. Also, if you find your engine is running hot, never add coolant; this can actually discharge from its unit and burn those nearby. offers tips and suggestions for making the most out of your farming experience. Check us out for important information and details to keep your farm running smoothly.

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