Post-Harvest: How to Care for Your Agricultural Equipment

Post-Harvest: How to Care for Your Agricultural Equipment

As the harvest seasons draws to a close, it's critical to start planning for next year's success. The first place to start is regular maintenance of your agricultural equipment. Your machines and gear have faithfully performed for you – it's officially time to show them a little TLC. Maintaining your agricultural equipment is one of the most important things you can do as we turn the corner toward winter.

Don't Risk Your Agricultural Equipment Failing You Next Year

For most of us, our equipment and combines will sit idle until the start of next year. While you may be tempted to simply park them, this can have severely negative consequences. Your gear has worked hard for you all year, especially during the final stretch of the harvest season. Failing to properly winterizing these machines can mean they will slowly begin to show signs of wear and tear. Taking the time to maintain to your machines now will not only keep things working as they should, but also it can actually save you money in the long run. Don't risk your machines falling into disrepair as they sit collecting dust over the next several months. Take the needed steps now to maintain them, so they keep operating at maximum capacity.

Start with some winterizing basics. Clean all of your agricultural equipment, carefully washing away all of the dirt and grime each machine has accumulated over the year. Once everything has been washed, you will want to go through each piece for a fluid and component check. Change the oil in your machines and top off fuels. You may also want to add a fuel stabilizer during the process. Next, go through and assess the cooling system. You will also want to check your batteries, change air filters, and properly lubricate every machine.

Beyond the basics, you will also want to go through and make a checklist based on each individual piece of agricultural equipment. Look at your owner's manual for ideas regarding the most important things to maintain. Make a note to carefully evaluate those components on your machines. Carefully checking everything off of your list can ensure you've done everything you can to keep your equipment running at maximum capacity and ready to perform during next year's harvest. 

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