Pork Farmers Celebrate Their Diverse Industry At The 2018 Pork Expo

As we reflect on the 2018 World Pork expo, we saw innovations in livestock and crops, pork farming, educational seminars, auctions, industry updates, and networking. We saw the finest swine strut their stuff at the swine shows. There were trade shows, activities for young and older farmers. 


We also can't forget the delicious food that was served throughout the fair. Of course, much of the food served was pork, and as we all know pork is delicious any way you cook it, but somehow it's just more delicious when you're attending an expo or a fair, isn't it?


But this year, more than most, we celebrated and showcased the diversity of our industry, not just among the livestock we were presenting, but the farmers themselves. Pig farmers who came from all geographic areas and walks of life came to celebrate our profession. 


Pig Farmers Are Part Of A Community Of Innovators


Pig farmers are part of a culture and community of innovators, and we witnessed this throughout the expo. Farmers are using the latest technologies to raise and farm pigs more efficiently, ethically and responsibly. In fact, we saw some of the most innovative ideas in the industry today, and they came from farmers who were as diverse at the swine that they expo-ed. Not to mention, educational seminars and innovational ideas that not only blew the top off of swine farming, but farming, livestock and crops as a whole.

World Pork Expo 2019 Is Already Underway


If you missed this year's World Pork Expo, we're sorry to say you did miss an amazing event. However, World Pork Expo 2019 is underway. Have you ever wanted to exhibit your swine? How about presenting about your latest innovations in pig farming? Keep checking the World Pork Expo website and our events page for updates on the 2019 Expo. Or, if you've never been to this event before, you may want to consider just attending and taking in the sights, sounds and the heavenly food. 


Tell Us More About Your World Pork Expo Experience


Did you attend? Did you enter into the swine show? Was this your first time at the expo? Farm2Ranch.com wants to hear about your experiences. Post your favorite World Pork Expo experience in the comment section below or contact usfor more information on pork, livestock and crops farming expos. 

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