The Latest Farming News: The 2018 Iowa State Fair

How does that saying go? Nothing compares to the Iowa state fair. If you’ve ever been, you know that this is so true. And this year was no exception! The events, the entertainment, the rides, the awards, the parade, and of course the food. The food at the fair is always incredible and with a wide range of foods, and even a 4-dollar or less option, you can feed your excitement, your joy, your belly and your soul (your inner foodie)! 


Here’s Some Of The Latest Farming News About The Iowa State Fair

The Grandstand

What’s the latest farming news on the state fair? The Grandstand featured big names in the entertainment business, like Reba McEntire, Jim Gaffigan and Earth, Wind & Fire. These events were not free, but they were under $100 each, many below $40. You’d pay much more if any these big names were headlining, so this was a treat and a bargain!

The Attractions


The Attractionswere split up into three parks, Thrill Ville, Thrill Town, and Thrill Zone. Each Thrill park has its own attractions. Thrill Ville and Thrill Zone are for the more experienced thrill seekers, and Thrill Town is milder and geared toward smaller thrill seekers.

The Free Entertainment

There’s free entertainment that is included in the price of your ticket. Each stage seems to revolve around one musical genre for the most part, like hip-hop or country. With greats like Biz Markie and Great White, each guest is better than the next. 


Participate In Events


There were tons of events to participate in, too. There were competitions, contests and parades. There was also the presentation of the “The Way We Live” awards, where farmers dedicated to agriculture and the agricultural lifestyle were honored. 


New Attractions And Traditions, Too!


There were so many new attractions and innovations at the fair, but we can’t forget about the traditions. The butter cow was sure to make her appearance this year. She was beside theWaterloo Boy Tractor. And don’t forget to congratulate the newly crowned Fair Queen Hailey Swan of Bloomfield, Davis County. We hope that you’ve made the Iowa State Fair one of your traditions, if you haven’t already!


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