Know When Your Farm Equipment And Machinery Needs Servicing


How To Know When Your Farm Equipment And Machinery Needs Servicing 


When farm equipment breaks down, it isn't just costly to repair, delays can increase the cost of a harvest. Machinery and farm equipment require consistent maintenance to keep them in working order. Subsequently, farm equipment runs inefficiently if it's poorly maintained and breakdowns are always more costly than maintenance. 


Sometimes it's tricky to figure out when and how to maintain your farm equipment. Here are six tips to help you identify and keep up with your farm. 


1. Stay Current With Operator Training -It’s important to stay on top of operator trainings, first and foremost, for the safety of your operators, but there's another important reason. If machinery isn't operated properly, gears, controls and mechanisms become worn down and are more likely to break down. 


2. Stay Current With Your Inspections And Safety Requirements -The inspections for large machinery may vary from state to state, but one thing remains the same. Inspections are designed to make sure your machinery is in good working order. Even failing an inspection can help you to identify what part of your farm equipment needs attention. 


3. Look (And Listen) For Signs Of Wear And Tear -Wear and tear is inevitable, but knowing what to look for and listen to can help you to identify when repairs are needed. 


Here's What To Look For And Listen For When Performing A Self-Inspection Of Your Farm Equipment:

  • Are there any parts that look particularly worn down? Is there any paint chipping or stripped threading or gears?
  • Is there any vibration that you didn't notice before? Do you notice any friction?
  • Has the machinery been operated by someone inexperienced? Has it been in an accident?
  • Has the machinery been exposed to high temperatures? Do you notice any cracks in any of the rubber or plastic pats?
  • How old is the machinery and, if the machinery was purchased used, what is its maintenance history?


If any one of these things are amiss, make sure to identify the problem and have it immediately repaired.


4. Check And Add Lubricants Regularly -Regular, scheduled lubrication maintenance, such as oil changes, extend the life of your farm equipment, because it reduces friction between moving parts within your machinery. Always make sure to use the right lubricant for your farm equipment. Using the wrong lubricant for your machinery can cause monumental damage. 


5. Keep Everything Clean -Your farm equipment has many parts and those parts are prone to trapping dust and dirt, especially if the machinery was for outdoor use. Be sure to wash, dust and vacuum machinery regularly to keep dust and dirt from building up. This will gink up the parts and, eventually, cause malfunction.Make sure your equipment is covered or stored when it's not being used. Although outdoor farm equipment gets the dirtiest, a lot of dust and dirt accumulates when the machinery is not being used. 


6. Regular Maintenance -Always insist on regular maintenance, a regular repair schedule and always keep good repair records. A trusted mechanic who knows how to repair farm equipment is worth their weight in gold. 


Make Sure To Schedule Maintenance On:

  • Gearboxes, transmissions and transmission alignment
  • Parts under high friction
  • Seals, bearings and gaskets
  • Drive train components
  • Pulleys and belts
  • Brakes
  • Sprockets and chains
  • Check the oil and other lubricants
  • Torque check the bolts


These are the basic maintenance areas to look for, specialized machinery may determine you look at and maintain more or possibly less. 


Servicing Your Farm Equipment Can Prolong Its Life


It's true, regular servicing and self-maintenance can help keep your farm equipment working better for longer. A mix of self-checks and scheduled maintenance can save you in the long run and prolong the life of your farm equipment.


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