How to Plan a Farm Wedding in 7 Easy Steps

Planning a farm wedding? If so, congratulations! We know it’s exciting and overwhelming, but don’t be anxious. Weddings have lots of details but they’re all easy to manage with a little bit of planning and preparation. Below, we’ll explore how to plan the perfect farm wedding in just 7 easy steps!

Set a budget accordingly

First things first, before you do anything for your wedding you need to set a budget. This is extremely important because it will help you keep on track with expenses. You want to stay in tune to your finances throughout the entire planning process and make sure you’re not spending any more than you can afford

Pick a location

Next, you need to focus on finding the perfect location. Farm weddings are popular these days and venues can fill up fast. Do lots of research and visit potential locations as early as possible. 

Private property or professional venue

Determine if you’d like to use a private property (perhaps owned by a friend or family member?) or if you’d prefer a professional venue with all the details. Keep in mind that using a private property will probably require that you hire extra vendors because some of the basics covered at a professional venue won’t be included. These cover bathrooms, parking, ceremony and reception seating, etc. 

Full service vs. partial service

Furthermore, you need to decide if you’d prefer to pick all your vendors or if you’re okay with having most of them provided by a vendor. This is the difference between full service or partial. 

A lot of brides like full service because ceremony and reception are included, and oftentimes so are catering, cake services, bathrooms, etc. If can really help you budget in the end. To counter that, though, some brides prefer the creative freedom of partial service because they can fully customize the experience. It’s up to you and what you can afford. 

Make weather plans

While planning a farm wedding, you should also be keeping an eye on the weather so you and your guests can plan accordingly. You should be watching the radar for rain or sun so you can provide umbrellas or paper fans, as well as other important details. 

Chilly temps

Having a winter wedding? You need to make sure that your space is plenty warm enough for you and your guests. Confirm that your venue provides heating and if you’re getting married outside, try to make it short and sweet and provide plenty of blankets/hot beverages.

Wedding critters

Alternatively, getting married in the summer can mean some unwanted wedding guests. The critters and bugs may become distracting, so make sure there are bug sprays for guests outside and plenty of air ventilation, since bugs like stale, hot air. Also, make sure that if any food is served outdoors that it is covered in netting to prevent some bugs from getting into it. 


Planning to have some hay or live animals at the wedding? If so, you should think about allergy issues. Hay and live animals can exacerbate allergies for people, so maybe try to set the animals in a safe place away from guests. They can visit if they want to (or not.) As for hay, if your providing it as seating, make sure it’s covered in blankets or sheets to ease the discomfort. And of course - make sure to have some benadryl set aside for any allergy attacks.

Choose clothing wisely

Who says farm weddings can’t be classy?! There are tons of options when it comes to attire for a farm wedding but there are few things to keep in mind that will make sure everyone is comfortable, as well as stylish. 

Dress code

Keep the season in mind when planning your wedding party’s attire, as well as your guest’s dress code. If it’s hot, recommend short and flowing clothing. If it’s cold, something with layers and warm fabrics. It is also a good idea to keep in mind the shoes everyone will wear. Farms are not banquet halls. They’re outdoors, so recommending comfortable shoes to walk in will be greatly appreciated by everyone attending.

Hire vendors

Next up, it’s time to hire some vendors for your special day. Keep in mind what services your venue is already providing (if any.) Then, make a list of the remaining vendors you’ll need. These include photo and video services, cake and catering, bathroom services if they aren’t provided, etc.

Play up the venue

As the wedding day approaches and your overall vision for the day comes to life, you can start to play up the venue. A great way to do this is with quick, simple, DIY decor. And the best part is, decor can be tailored to custom fit your vision. 

Pick the decor

Looking for a completely rustic, chic look? No problem. Want something classic and elegant? That’s doable to. Focus on using lots of exposed wood, lace, glass, twinkle lights, pale colors, etc. Your limited only by your imagination and your budget. 

Enjoy your day!

The most important step of all - enjoy the process! Planning a wedding is a lot of work but it is so rewarding to see your efforts pay off on the big day. You’ll be able to look around at your venue, your decor, and your guests and be proud of all you’ve accomplished. 

Farming resources

Want to contact local farmers in your area regarding venues and equipment that can be used for decor? No problem. At Farm2Ranch, we specialize in providing a medium for farmers to connect with their community regarding auctions, events, and more. 

Want more information? Give us a call today, we would be happy to assist you!

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