How to Name Your Farm - 5 Tips and Tricks

Are you struggling to name your farm or ranch? If so, don’t stress out. With just a few simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to giving the farm a thoughtful, unique name that will suit you for years to come. 

Naming a farm

Before yougive your farm a name, there are a few simple tips and tricks to keep in mind to help you come up with something creative, meaningful, and useful:

Keep it short and simple

First things first - keep your name short and simple. Giving the farm a name that is a mile long will make it difficult for people to remember, including yourself. Keeping the name short, sweet, and simple will help make it memorable to others and will pack a punch that something long will not.

Make it easy to pronounce

We are all for a name that plays on words for creativity, but don’t go so far that the name is hard to pronounce. For example, the name “Dairy Air” is a spin off of derriere. 

However, if you were to spell it as “Derriair” or “Dairyere” then you’re making it confusing and hard to pronounce. You want to have a name that slips off the tongue and gets people talking. 

Stay away from trends or limitations

Not sure if you’re going to be expanding your business at some point? If so, then it is best to choose a name that is flexible and capable of expanding with you as the business grows. For example, using a name like “Dairy Air” implies the business is for dairy products. 

However, if you want to eventually move into the meat or produce business, then you’re limiting yourself with the name.  Choose something that would be universal no matter what you’re selling, now and later.

Connect it with your values

Give your farm a name that connects with your personal and business values. For example, are you interested in providing products that are organic? Including a descriptor word that portrays this would help. Alternatively, are you interested in blending family history into a modern business? Keep these core values at the top of your mind when selecting a name.

Make sure the domain is available 

In the digital age, you need to have an online presence for a business to succeed. Therefore, you’ll need a website with a domain name that matches or very closely resembles your business name. You can easily check if your business name is available as a domain by going online and checking hosting sites like GoDaddy or HostGator. If it is, then secure it immediately so you can use it going forward. 

Farmers and Ranchers

Looking for some advice on naming your farm or ranch? We can help! AtFarm2Ranch, we provide farmers and ranchers the opportunity to communicate together regarding questions, concerns,events, auctions, etc. 

Want to ask a question?Contact us today, we’d be happy to help you!

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