How Local Events And County Fairs Can Benefit Your Family

County fairs, local events and festivals are a source of fun, entertainment and family time for everyone involved. It's so much fun to check out the local events calendars to see the fun festivals and county fairs that are coming up. But what if we told you that these events have long term benefits for young people in the farming community? 


Local Events, Festivals And County Fairs Can Benefit Your Child


It's true, farming events, festivals and county fairs do so much more than provide much-needed family time. If kids are involved in these kinds of events, it builds integrity, a good work ethic, responsibility and reliable farming practices. They also offer a window into the farming lifestyle, which educates young people about where crops and livestock come from and teaches respect for farmers.


They Teach Respect For Farmers


Having a bird's-eye view into the farming lifestyle is important, because many kids, even ones who grow up in farming communities, don't understand how their food gets from the fields, to the supermarket and ultimately to their plate, for example. Believe it or not, many children don't think about the cotton that makes their shirts, the beef that makes their hamburgers, the corn that makes their popcorn or the grains that make their bread. It doesn’t magically appear at their local supermarkets or superstores; farmers provide and grow all of these items. Knowing the process fosters well-deserved respect for our country's farm community. Kids are less likely to take these necessities for granted. 


They Teach Sportsmanship, Integrity And Responsibility


Involving your kids in county fairs and their many events teaches kids to be responsible with animals and teaches them to understand how agriculture works. Caring for animals and for plants is not always easy. It requires hard work and sacrifice, which helps kids to understand patience, to how to work toward a goal and to delay their gratification. This is even more important in a society where things like video games and apps for “everything” make gratification seem immediate. They also learn how to present themselves and their animals in a professional manner as well as learning showmanship and sportsmanship lessons. Because, even though they may not win, learning how to recognize their mistakes, and congratulate winners graciously are invaluable lessons. 


Get Involved In County Fairs And Local Events


If this hasn't convinced you to get involved in local events and country fairs, check out the extensive events calendar at There's something for everyone and the opportunity for involvement in a wide range of interests and ages. What was your favorite experience at the county fairs in your area? Do you have any suggestion on what upcoming events? Let us know in the comment section below or contact us!

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