Get Your College Tailgate On: Household Tips For The Ultimate Pre-Game Party

As much as we may hate to admit it, fall is right around the corner. Silver lining? The cooler weather brings with it college football. And, where there's college football, there's college football tailgating. Follow a few simple household tips to ensure you're ready to throw the ultimate pre-game party before you get ready to cheer on your favorite team. 

Your Tailgating Essentials Should Include: 

The Food

It goes without saying (but we'll say it anyway); every great party starts with the food. Tailgating is no exception; begin festivity planning by planning out your menu. Remember, it doesn't have to be fancy or fussy … but it does have to be delicious to get things kicked off on the right note. Go beyond cliché chili and wings. Think sliders of all varieties, fresh-grilled pizzas, marinated meats for grilling, and even street tacos. Of course, all the delicious food will certainly help you all work up a thirst. While beer definitely has its place in any tailgating cooler (as long as there's a designated driver in your crew), you may want to take things up a notch. Plan a signature cocktail that you can make in sealable pitchers for travel – one adult version and one non-alcoholic version ensures that everyone stays hydrated before the game. 

The Games 

While football is the main event of a tailgate party, nothing says it has to be the only game that day. Portable lawn activities make excellent options to play with your friends while getting ready for kickoff. Cornhole, ladder toss, washer toss, and even beer pong can all be set up in your area to add to the festivities. Prefer to stay out of the sun and under your setup tents? Not a problem; you can also play cards, dice, dominos and other table games with friends as you gear up for the first quarter. 

The Music

You've got the food, you've got the games … all that's left is queuing up the music to put the finishing touches on your tailgating event. Don't settle for simply playing your tracks through your smartphone. Bring a portable speaker system to amplify the tunes you want to hear as you get ready to cheer on the home team once they hit the field. 

What are your favorite household tips for tailgating? Tell us your best pre-game traditions in our comments section below.

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