Genetic Modification Is Not An Ingredient

Let’s get something straight that a lot of people seem to get confused about, especially with all of the debates surrounding labeling of GMOs.

GMOs are not an ingredient. It is not something we add to a food product. It is not something injected into the plant. In fact, some products derived from genetically modified plants, such as sugar, contain no DNA and and it is impossible to distinguish between a GMO and non-GMO version – even in the lab!

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AmandaMy name is Amanda. I’m the proud daughter (and sister!) of conventional farmers in Southwest Michigan. I’m also a practicing attorney. For 26 years, my family ran and supplied a roadside market selling our own fresh fruits and vegetables. We now farm corn and soybeans.

Unfortunately, misinformation about food and agriculture is pervasive these days. My goal is to help educate consumers about conventional farming and give people a glimpse into how our food is raised and why certain production methods are used.

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