Five Tips For Servicing Your Iowa Farm Equipment This Winter

Winterizing your farm equipment can save you precious time when you're ready to use it again in the spring. Properly caring for your gear can actually reduce the expense of future repairs and save you money throughout that machine's lifetime. If you haven't yet gotten around to winterizing your farm equipment, now's the time. Set aside a few hours on your schedule and follow a few simple tips for proper wintertime care.

Switch To Winter Fuel

If your farm equipment runs diesel fuel, now is the time to make the change from #2 to #1. Before you make the switch, it's important to determine that you have number 2 left in the tank. This is because #1 has a lower gel point than #2, which makes it run more smoothly in cold temperatures.

Check Other Fluids

Once you've taken care of your diesel switch, check the other fluids in your farm equipment. Determine that your engine coolant will still work with the upcoming winter temperatures. For smaller machines and gear, you may want to go with a lighter weight oil. Always check your operator's manual to see what's recommended for each machine to ensure you're caring for it properly. 

Tend To The Batteries

Battery care for your farm equipment falls into two general categories 1) keeping them charged at max capacity or 2) disconnecting them completely. Maintain a battery charge on anything you may use. However, if it's a piece of farm equipment that won't get much use this winter, disconnect it to avoid a possible leak.

Clean Your Gear

Okay, maybe the weather window has prevented you from preforming a full-scale power washing. However, can still give your farm equipment a little TLC to remove the dirt, grime, and plant residue that may be lurking on the surface. Give the exterior of your machinery a good wipe down, and then work your way inside, carefully cleaning out the cabs and vacuuming the interior. 

Repair Any Wear Or Tear

The off-season is the perfect time to give your equipment a once over to look for any damage or wear and tear. Making any necessary repairs and updates now, while you have the extra time, can mean you and your gear will be ready to hit the ground running after the first thaw.

How do you care for your farm equipment in the winter?  Leave a comment below to tell us about it.

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