Farm News: October Was National Cooperative Month

In recent farm news, we have an exciting annual event to report: October was National Cooperative Month or National Co-op Month! National Co-Op Month has been celebrated annually for over fifty years and counting. It’s a time where co-op businesses educate our communities and the greater United States on what it means to belong to a cooperative. Businesses discuss values and principles unique to being part of a co-op. It’s organized by a group of cooperatives that are recognized by the USDA and NCBA CLUSA. They highlight cooperatives’ roles in food service, credit unions, utility cooperatives, insurance cooperatives, housing co-ops and, our affiliation, agricultural cooperatives. The theme for each year is available during the first week of August as well as campaign materials and much more! This year’s theme was, “Cooperatives—See the Future.” 


The Co-Op IMPACT Conference


October 3 through 5 marked the Co-Op IMPACT Conference. This event brought together a wide range of cooperative business. Different co-ops built partnerships shared ideas and helped support one another. They were able to broaden the social impact and expand the message and benefits of the economic impact of co-ops across the US.



The National Co-Op Festival


This event was outside of our native Iowa, but it was well worth the trip if you went! It was held on October 6-7 on the National Mall in Washington DC, but other than the travel and hotel expenses, it’s a free event. It’s also a very family-friendly event. It featured food and agricultural co-ops such as Cabot Creamery, Riceland and Organic Valley. Every exhibit and vendor was eager to teach the current and next generation about how cooperatives can provide a real, tangible alternative to the traditional business model. There was tons of live music, food and food samples, games, and free giveaways. Organic Valley even had an area specifically for kids called the “Organic Valley Kids Zone.” It taught the littlest future co-op-ers among us the value of the co-op business model. If you can make it to next year’s National Co-Op Festival, it’s well worth it.


The Co-Op 5K Race 


Saturday, October 6th marked the Co-Op 5k Race at Hains Point in East Potomac Park, in Washington, DC. The Cooperative Development Foundation hosts this 5K and the runners were not the only ones having fun! People walked and cheered on their fellow co-opers along the way. There were prizes that ranged from backpacks to full swag baskets.


Get Your Farm Or Agricultural Co-Op Involved


Four of the Top 10 cooperatives are agricultural cooperatives. Ag co-ops are one of the largest growing coop businesses in America. Create some farm news of your own! Becoming involved in National Co-Op Month or with the NCBA CLUSA can build partnerships that will only serve to strengthen the Ag co-op community. 


Tell Us About Your Experiences At National Cooperative Month This Year


Farm2Ranch.comcovers up-to-date farm news and the latest agricultural business, social and community events. Did you attend any National Cooperative Month events this year? What did you learn and who did you meet? Tell us about your experience in the comments below orcontact uswith any stories or helpful information you learned! 

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