Farm And Agriculture News: Iowa Corn And Soybean Harvest Recap

This corn and soybean harvest has been challenging. Although we’ve been incredibly behind the overall five-year average, we are moving forward. We finally had some dry weather, which allowed many of us to roll our combines. This is a relief to both farmers and livestock, who were both stressed and waterlogged waiting to get out into the fields.


Soybean And Corn Harvest Averages


Soybeans have been consistently six days behind and corn has been one day behind the five-year average. According to a USDA statewide survey on November 4th, 72% of the corn has been harvested and 88% of the state’s soybeans have been harvested. Since then, corn harvest percentages have remained in the mid 70’s, while soybean harvest percentages have remained in the high 80’s. Although this may seem high, the soybean harvest was at 71 percent through October 28th, which is the lowest it’s been since 2009. Conversely, we’re finally drying out, leaving a little over half of all pastures in good to excellent condition. 


The Rainy Weather


From mid-October to the beginning of November, Iowa has had temperatures averaging two degrees above average with rainfall at nearly one inch above average in some areas, according to IDALS climatologist, Justin Glisan. 


More Work Needs To Be Done


Despite the progress we’ve made and the dry days we’ve had, there is more work to be done. The soggy weather has definitely taken its toll on this year’s corn and soybean harvest. The rainfall has been heavy and continues to be heavy this season. Southeastern Iowa is the only area with deficits.


This has left many of us behind average and more are still catching up. Regardless of the setbacks, we continue to work hard preparing for next season by baling stalks, performing fall tillage, repairing tile, applying manure and anhydrous, and planting cover crops.


Share Your Corn And Soybean Harvest This Year Experience With Us


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