Dispelling Myths About The Greatest Agricultural Resources In Iowa: Young Farmers

Young people weighing their career choices probably don’t think of farmers as a viable profession, but you’d be surprised what modern farmers do. 


Are You Searching For The Ideal Career? Consider Becoming A Farmer!


In your career search, first and foremost, you wonder if you can support yourself. You may think about access to technology, helping others and the environment, access to the outdoors or maybe you’re thinking of lucrative entrepreneurial projects. You may think that there can’t be one profession that allows you to do all of that together, but there is; it’s farming. Are you surprised? Farming as a profession has come a long way from the stereotypes we cling to. Young farmers are our greatest agriculture resources in Iowa; their achievements and advancements could quite literally save the world. So, let’s break down some misconceptions about farming!


Breaking Misconceptions About Farming And Farmers
1. Agriculture Can Help People Around The World

Not only do farmers grow the food that is shipped to your supermarket, but they also take that a step further. Many young farmers are developing heartier plants with higher yields to help feed the less fortunate. They will ultimately create a workable food supply that will keep everyone fed.
2. Agriculture Can Be A Gold Mine For Young Entrepreneurs

This may sound silly, but everyone needs to eat, so there will always be a need for farmers. Also, from organics to local farming to hydroponic growing, there are many lucrative niche interests and investments that farmers can capitalize on. 


3. Agriculture Allows You To Develop Greener, More Lucrative Farming Equipment And Practices

Nowadays, everyone is on board with reducing our carbon footprint. As a young farmer, you would have the opportunity to develop techniques that will help make farming cleaner, more efficient and sustainable as a whole.


4. Agriculture Is Steeped In The Tech World

Farming doesn’t just consist of green pastures anymore! Most farmers have digitized at least some of their overall business, and they are more than likely have a vibrant web directory and social media presence. Technology is being used to make farms greener and more efficient in just about every way. In many ways farming is the perfect marriage of nature and technology.


5. Agriculture Requires You To Use Your Brain

The idea that farmers are simple and uneducated is just not true. Most farmers already have undergraduate agriculture degrees, or “ag degrees” as they’re called. Many even have graduate degrees in agriculture or business management. Modern farmers need to be one step ahead of factors that might jeopardize their corps. They need to manage growth, technology, business transactions and they need to develop new programs and strategies to maintain the success of their farm. Modern farmers are more dynamic and multitalented than you think!


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