The County Fair And Local FFA Events Are More Than Just Fun, They Bring Communities Together

We all know that future farmers of America, or FFA, is a lot of fun for kids. They enjoy the competition, being outdoors, spending the entire county fair with their fellow competitor friends. But the adults know that it offers kids so much more; a chance to learn and develop not only farming skills, but life skills that will help them develop into responsible, intelligent, hard working adults. This is an invaluable experience for most of us who participated. But what if we told you it offered even more than life skills? The FFA at your county fair brings professionals, kids, parents and many other members of the community together.


The FFA Brings People Together


We often think about the teaching value of the FFA events or the fun kids have participating, but have you ever thought of how many people it takes to run just one FFA event? It takes an army of volunteers, most of whom are professionals in their field who are ready to offer advice and their extensive knowledge to the young people participating. The judges, who are also professionals, offer feedback to the competitors, which help them to better compete next year, but it also helps kids to receive constructive feedback. The volunteers and the judges get to meet some of the young future farmers who may be potential coworkers or colleagues. And sometimes I think the parents bond just as much as the kids do. There have been many parents who, though their kids' FFA friendships, became good friends, coworkers or even business partners all because they met at a country fair event. 


Involvement Isn't Just Good For Kids, It's Good For The Community


The benefit of the FFA reaches far beyond just enrichment for your kids, it brings people together, it strengthens your community and it ensures that there will be the next generation of farmers who will understand modern day advances and the knowledge and tradition of farmers that came before them.


Share Your County Fair And/Or FFA Experience


What was your county fair and/or FFA experience like? Tell in the comment section below! Or you can contact usfor more information about how you and your child can build your community through volunteering and participating in county fair FFA event.

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