• Post-Harvest: How to Care for Your Agricultural Equipment

    As the harvest seasons draws to a close, it's critical to start planning for next year's success. The first place to start is regular maintenance of your agricultural equipment. Your machines and gear have faithfully performed for you – it's officially time to show them a little TLC. Maintaining your agricultural equipment is one of the most important things you can do as we turn the corner toward winter.
    Don't Risk Your Agricultural Equipment Failing You Next Year
    For most of us, our equipment and combines will sit idle until the start of next year. While you may be ...

  • Latest Farming News: End Of Year Tax Prep

    Right now, with the harvest behind us, the latest farming news is all about getting ready for end of year tax preparation. The farming tax category is a broad one, encompassing a large and diverse range of markets. Plantations, orchards, and ranches all fall within the farming category. If you earn money growing produce or raising livestock, fish, and/or poultry, you are in the farming business and need to file your taxes accordingly.
    Go into the tax process armed with a few important tips about farm income and expenses. Here are a few vital pieces of information:
    Crop Insurance

  • Online Farm Equipment Auctions: Know What To Expect

    Online farm equipment auctions deliver a wide range of advantages to both buyers and sellers, making them an ideal option for farmers in virtually every niche. If you're not sure if online farm equipment auctions make sense for you, knowing a few of the benefits this digital resource delivers can help you determine if it's the right choice for selling or purchasing new items for your farm or ranch.
    Online Farm Equipment Auctions Offer:
    Convenience: Running your farm often means going at breakneck speed at all times. Many farmers don't have the time to attend live auction events. This ...

  • Used Agriculture Equipment For Sale: How To Pick A Winner

    Running your farm efficiently means sticking to your budget. However, sometimes expenses are simply unavoidable, as purchasing agriculture equipment is part of doing business for farmers. However, nothing says you have to break the bank when buying new gear. Purchasing used agriculture equipment for sale can make a major different with expenses.
    The Benefits Of Buying Used Equipment For Your Farm
    There are several distinctive benefits offered when purchasing used farming gear. First and foremost, cost savings. Used equipment can often be purchased at a fraction of the cost of buying new. This can be beneficial for farmers looking ...

  • 4 Critical Things To Record On Your Farm

    The success of a farm depends on tracking vital facts and statistics. This often proves challenging because most farmers wear all the hats when running their agricultural business. We are the accountant, the meteorologist, the mechanic, and the director of operations, all rolled into one. Because of this, many farmers avoid logs altogether because it seems too overwhelming to track all the needed details.
    However, data logging success is not just about tracking everything…it's really all about tracking the right things. No matter what size or type of farm you run, there are a few specific types of records you ...

  • 3 Tips To Start A Food Stand

    Are you ready to bring a new dimension to distributing your farm-fresh wares? A food stand may provide the perfect solution. Starting a food stand business adds a new level of convenience to consumers and allows your farm to extend its reach beyond your property. Knowing a few tips to starting your food stand business can ensure you get off on the right foot for success. 
    What Type of Stand Works for Your Farm 
    The first thing to determine when creating your stand is pinpointing the type of mobility level you'll need. There are three general considerations when determining ...

  • Practice Tractor Safety During Your Fall Harvest

    Fall is rapidly approaching, and that means that many of us are about to embrace everything that comes with harvest season (if we haven't already started). It's a busy time of year for farmers. However, no matter how much we have to hustle throughout harvest, it's critical to ensure that safety remains our top priority. Whether this is your first or fortieth harvest, it's important to review and refresh on key ways to practice tractor safety this fall. 
    Know Your Machine
    Every tractor is different. It's important to understand the specifics of yours and how it works. Fall is the ...

  • Why Fall Is The Perfect Time To Visit An Iowa Winery

    Iowa is known for some of the best agricultural resources in the world and this includes our local orchards and vineyards. As the summer continues to draw to a close, many of the Midwest's farming professionals who own groves and wineries are gearing up for their fall harvest. What does this mean for those of us that appreciate a great glass of, well, anything, really? It means that fall is truly the perfect time to visit an Iowa winery!
    The Benefits of a Fall Wine Tour 
    Heading out to one of our region's many wineries this September will offer ...

  • Get Your College Tailgate On: Household Tips For The Ultimate Pre-Game Party

    As much as we may hate to admit it, fall is right around the corner. Silver lining? The cooler weather brings with it college football. And, where there's college football, there's college football tailgating. Follow a few simple household tips to ensure you're ready to throw the ultimate pre-game party before you get ready to cheer on your favorite team. 
    Your Tailgating Essentials Should Include: 
    The Food
    It goes without saying (but we'll say it anyway); every great party starts with the food. Tailgating is no exception; begin festivity planning by planning out your menu. Remember, it doesn't have to ...

  • When Farm-To-Table Meets Face-To-Face: Connect With Buyers At Next Farmers Market

    Including farmer's markets in your marketing plan is an excellent way to bring your harvest to your local community. Regional farmer's markets offer farms of every size and scope an opportunity to further its agricultural reach and overall exposure. Knowing a few critical tips on how to minimize stress while maximizing profits can ensure you make your mark at the next farmer's market.
    When gearing up for the next local event, consider these suggestions to optimize the overall experience:
    Bring Your Very Best
    As a farmer, you probably already know that image is everything when it comes to marketing your ...

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