Benefits of Shopping at Your Local Farmers Market

Shopping at the grocery store is great. You can get virtually anything you want or need, all in one location. But are you getting the healthiest, freshest options available? Probably not. At grocery stores, you’re receiving goods that have been shipped from long distances, meaning they’re at least a week old by the time you get them home.

At a farmers market, though, you’re getting fresh and healthy options that were hand picked by hard working people, harvested just hours before your pick them up. Want to learn more about the benefits of shopping at farmers markets? Keep reading below.

Benefits of farmers markets

The farmers market has a lot of great benefits and healthy options for everyone. Below are just a few examples:

Support local farmers

By purchasing food at the local farmers market, you are personally supporting local farmers in your area. Most farmers at the market make the majority of their income from selling their goods. When you purchase from them, you’re helping them maintain their business and provide for their families. You’re also building relationships with real people, learning about them and the way they grow their products. 


No chemicals and pesticides

Grocery stores across the world preserve their food products with chemicals and pesticides. They have to, to ensure that they make it to their final destination before going bad. At farmers markets, food is often picked and sold to customers within hours. This means that food is often grown organically, with no pesticides and non-GMO options. All you have to do is ask how a farmer grows their products!

Know where food comes from

With grocery store chains sourcing their food from other locations, you never quite know where your food is coming from. In some instances, food can be travelling thousands of miles, or from other countries, before ending up on your kitchen table. 

At farmers markets, you’ll be pleased to know that your food is sourced within a couple hundred miles of your home. No major hauls, no days spent in the back of a freezer truck. They were taken directly from the dirt near your home and grown by your neighbors and friends.

Seasonal health benefits

Did you know that shopping at a farmers market for produce and goods can provide seasonal health benefits? Because the food was grown locally, it contains health benefits that can help you combat typical symptoms and other ailments.


Locally grown food can also help with allergies. This is why doctors tell families with allergies to buy local honey. If made in your area, the honey will have tiny amounts of pollen in it that will help you build up tolerances. This can eventually help you fight off allergy symptoms throughout the year.

Better taste

Next time you go grocery shopping, run an experiment - buy a tomato from the shelf. Then, on your way home, stop at the farmers market and buy the exact same type of tomato from a produce stand. When you get home, slice them both and try them. Which one is better? Chances are, the farmers' market tomato will taste better. But why?

It sounds silly, but locally sourced food that is extremely fresh will taste better because it’s been growing longer. It didn’t travel far to meet you, and it was never refrigerated to ship cross-country. If you pay close attention to that bite, you might even be able to taste the hard work and dedication of the farmer who put in the time and effort to pull that tomato for you. You can’t buy that experience anywhere else.

Peak of ripeness

Food sold at grocery stores is picked several days before the peak of freshness to allow for ripening upon arrival at the grocery store. However, doing this means that the food is not able to provide its top level of nutrients because it was pulled too soon. Food sold at farmers markets are picked specifically at their peak, though, so you’re getting all of the nutrients that grocery store food misses out on.  

Affordable prices

At grocery stores, you can often feel like you’re getting a great deal. However, the truth is that food sold at grocery stores has mark up pricing to cover the cost of shipping and handling. That’s not fun! If you’re looking for fair and honest pricing, try shopping at the farmers market instead. Farmers will sell their food for cheaper than at grocery stores, and they often give additional discounts if you ask. It helps to get to know them, they may give even better discounts going forward!

Great for the environment

No shipping means a healthier environment. Instead of paying for produce to ship across the ocean on ships, or cross-country in refrigerated trucks, farmers markets only have to travel an hour or two. That’s way less gas and petroleum, meaning a healthier eco-footprint.

Social gatherings

It’s kind of weird to hang out with people at the grocery store, but not at farmers markets! The market can be a place for the whole family to have fun. Take the kids and get them excited about picking and eating local foods. You might even find other stands at the farmers market that sell trinkets and crafts like a fair. Whatever you do, explore the area and enjoy the fresh air. 

Family farmers

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