Agriculture Equipment That Works Harder And Smarter: Introducing GSI’s Z-Series Grain Bin

If you’re an avid follower, you probably already know that we’re dedicated to highlighting progress and innovations in agriculture equipment that benefits the Ag community. Anything that will make our jobs more efficient, because the goal isn’t just working harder, it's working smarter. And that’s exactly what GSI has done with the Z-series Grain Bin with Flexwave Technology.


The Z-Series Grain Bin With Flexwave Technology Is Revolutionary In Several Ways


It’s Easy To Use


The Z-series Grain Bin with Flexwave Technology has an automating control system that’s easy and efficient. Using less than one psi of air pressure, the inflatable liners can unload 100 tons of grain or more. The grain moves towards the center trough as the liners inflate. This eliminates the need for manual labor or a sweep auger. 


Your Grain Gets Aerated


Even the aeration is automated in the Z-series Grain Bin. This state of the art agricultural equipment then distributes up to 1/7 CFM/bu of air from the center trough throughout the grain. The air is distributed through a series of flexible tubes. 


The Entire 6 Step Unloading Process Is Zero Entry


There are six zero-entry steps in the unloading process that run from the first step, Gravity Unloading, to the sixth step, Fully Cleaned Out. That’s right! The Z-Series offers zero entry clean out. From start to finish, you will not need to enter the bin to sweep or shovel the bin. This Grain Bin offers a patent-pending zero entry clean out that’s both efficient and safe. It also consistently clears over 99% of the grain out of the bin. 


Most Importantly It’s Safer For You And Your Workers


There are no exposed mechanical components or parts and it keeps you and your workers away from the often-dusty job of unloading and sweeping your grain bin. And, as we’re finding out, grain dust on its own is not harmful, but when it’s breathed in over a lifetime of farm work, it can be potentially dangerous. 


Have You Tried The Z-Series Grain Bin With Flexwave Technology?


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