Agricultural News: Highlighting Innovative Equipment At This Year’s Farm Progress Show

We offer the latest in equipment, events and agriculture news, and we can’t ignore one the nation’s largest outdoor farm event, the Farm Progress Show. The Farm Progress Show wrapped up on August 30th and this year’s show featured more farm technology and innovation than ever before! The Farm Progress Show has been celebrating agriculture and presenting innovations that combine progress with tradition for 65 years.

Manufacturers rolled out so many new innovative machines and products, we couldn’t possibly feature them all, but here are just a few of the many remarkable innovations that companies presented to the Ag community this year. 


Highlights From This Year’s Show:


Fendt IDEAL Combine By AGCO  


Fendt IDEAL Combine’s slogan is “Time for something completely different. The Fendt IDEAL.” And they live up to this slogan. AGCO has developed the Fendt IDEAL Combine from the ground up to bring you the highest quality and the most cutting-edge technology. AGCO worked with top innovators and experts to develop a combine that offers perfect results, regardless of the harvesting conditions. The Fendt IDEAL Combine was created to be efficient, reliable and user-friendly, with cutting-edge sensor technology. This is truly the perfect marriage of tradition and technology.


Titan International’s Low Sidewall (LSW) Assemblies


Titan International'slow sidewall (LSW) assemblies is big agricultural news! It dispels the myth that tracks are more efficient than wheels. In fact, they’ve developed the technology to produce wheels and tires that are safer, more efficient and more cost-effective than tracks. Their tires have larger rim diameter and smaller sidewalls than conventional wheel assemblies and tires. This helps to eliminate many of the common problems that farmers have, like power hop, soil contamination and road lope. Titan is the only company that produces, designs and tests tires and wheels for the Ag community and market. 


Smart Ag Driverless Equipment And Technology


Smart Agoffers driverless tractors, with features like smart NX. Smart NX will prove to be the tool of the future for farmers because it works while you work. SmartNX can collect any kind of data from the CanBus or any other sensor on the machine. Smart NX can capture data like moisture, yield, speed, location, crop, type and heading. It then sends that data to a secure cloud, or to other devices and machines. When combined with the AutoCart app, it allows machines, such as combines and tractors, to share data and communicate. AutoCart is the software system that controls and monitors autonomous grain carts. You can set loading and staging locations, monitor locations and sync grain cart functions.
Smart Ag offers many more technologies and advances to the modern farmer, such as
Smart Horse Power or SmartHP, the first automation system for machinery that’s truly plug and play and Automated Ag Vehicle Intelligence or AAVI. Check out smart Ag’s website for more advances in agricultural technology.

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