5 Reasons Why Buying At Farm Equipment Auctions Makes Sense

When it comes to making big purchases like farm equipment, buyers tend to stay inside their comfort zones. They usually veer toward private sellers, brokers or dealers that they're familiar with. However, farm equipment auctions are an easy, convenient and safe way to buy used farm equipment of the highest quality and the best prices, whether you auction online or in person. 


Here Are 5 Reasons Why Buying From Farm Equipment Auctions Just Make Sense


1. Convenient Locations

Whether you're bidding online or in person, there are many auctions and auction sites to choose from that are convenient to your farm. This cuts down on shipping and transport costs, which not only saves money, but saves on emissions, too. So, essentially you're saving two kinds of green at once.  


2. Great Selection With A Variety Of Brands

Dealers are usually loyal to one manufacturer or brand, but auctions have the entire spectrum of prices and brands to choose from. This can help you find the exact equipment you need at a price point that fits your budget.


3. Maintenance Records On Hand

Auctions and auction sites know that you want as much information as possible about the farm equipment you're interested in. So, not only do they make records available to potential bidders, but they are more than willing to ask sellers to provide any information needed to successfully auction a piece of equipment.  


4. Bidding Options That Work With Your Schedule

If you've used eBay or other online auctions, you're probably aware of the different features that allow you to bid to your budget limit without physically being there, but did you know that you could do the same at physical auctions, too? Many bidding companies know that you can't always be at an auction in person, so many companies have hybridized their in-person auctions with pre-bidding and proxy bidding apps. 


5. Leasing And Financing 

Many auction companies offer leasing and financing options. But, unlike banks, auction companies know the full value of their merchandise and will often allow more flexile options. 


Farn2Ranch Has The Info On Farm Equipment Auctions And More


Farm2Ranch.com has an event calendar, a directory, farm equipment auctions and much more. Leave us a comment below about your experience with online or in person auctions.

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