The 5 Most Interesting Gems Found at Farm Auctions

Farm auctions are a great place to buy farm equipment, but you can also find other items and collectables. What else can you get? Continue reading below to discover the 5 most interesting gems you can find at a farm auction.

Farm Equipment Auctions

There are so many items that can be bought or sold at a farm auction. Below, we’ll explore some of those items in more detail.

Used Farm Equipment

The most obvious item of all, used farm equipment. Most people go to farm auctions to purchase used farm equipment and livestock equipment. Because these are the featured items, they will make up the bulk everything for sale. You’ll find anything from tractors and trailers to plows and hay elevators for sale. Are you looking for used farm equipment? Find a farm equipment auction near you here. 

Rare Items

While there is a lot of used farm equipment and livestock equipment to be found at auction, there are also a lot of other items and collectables. The 5 most interesting are:

  1. Antiques - There are so many heirlooms and antiques at farm auctions, you just have to be willing to dig through boxes and piles to find them. You can find antique kitchenware like stoneware crocks, butter churns, corner shellers, and more. They may have a few years under their belt, but there are plenty of priceless options available for people who enjoy stories behind a piece.
  2. Art - Yes, you can find art at farm auctions! You probably won’t find a Picasso for sale, but there are plenty of other options available. These include pottery, paintings, hand-made crafts, and more. No matter what you’re looking for, there is bound to be something to suit everyone’s tastes.
  3. Books - Are you an avid reader? Then you will be pleased to know that books are commonly found at farm auctions. Again, you probably won’t find best sellers lounging on the tables. However, there are lots of incredible books waiting for you to pick them up and rehome them on your bookshelf. Whether you are looking to use them for decor or you’re interested in exploring a new genre, keep an eye out for books.
  4. Furniture - In need of some new furniture in your home? Then you might want to consider attending the next farm auction in your area. From individual nightstands to entire bedroom and living room collections, you’re bound to find some beautiful furniture for sale.
  5. Cars - Among the farm equipment for sale, you’ll also find some cars. Are you looking for a new truck to use on the farm? Or perhaps you’re just looking for an every day car to purchase? Chances are, you can find some good deals at a farm auction near you.

Want to Know More?

If you want to know more details on the items you can buy and sell at farm auctions, you can contact us. Farm2Ranch advertises for auctions all over the midwest, so we can help with any questions you may have. Happy Hunting!

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