4 Expert Tips For Winter Farm Equipment Maintenance

Winter is on its way, and that means storing your farm equipment. But before you do, you can avoid damage and deterioration by following these simple maintenance tips. This will ensure your farm equipment in tip-top shape for the next spring and summer harvest season.


1. Clean It Up

You just finished your fall harvest and your farm equipment is understandably dusty, musty and dirty. Just like dirty clothes and dirty dishes, if you wait to wash them, it gets harder and harder to clean. Moist or liquid mud and dirt can also harden, which can cause rust and jam parts. This can cause unnecessary and expensive repairs.


2. Fix Any Damage

Your farm equipment is going to sit until next harvest season, so you need to survey your equipment for damage and fix it. You may think that you can fix damage in the spring, because your equipment isn’t being used. But damage can actually get worse over the winter, because of fluctuating weather conditions. Even if your storage facility is heated, forced heat can cause metal to expand and contract just as much as fluctuating cold temperatures. Plus, farm equipment can rust over the winter, which always makes the damage worse. Either one of these scenarios can make minor damage more severe and expensive than it initially was. 


3. Do Your Regular Maintenance

Doing your regular maintenance before you store for the winter will ensure that your equipment is in good working order for next spring. So, check your fluid levels, fill up your fuel tanks, lubricate parts, check any belts or wires and change any filters that need replacing. This is especially true if you bought your equipment used, because you may not know how old certain parts or fluids are. 


Expert Tip: Filling your fuel tanks is not something you may normally think about, but filling your tank will prevent water condensation, which can affect how your farm equipment runs.


4. Charge, Clean Up And Disconnect Batteries

Your batteries can still drain if they’re connected to your farm equipment or they are crusted with debris. Debris can act like a conductor, so clean your batteries off. You want to disconnect batteries to avoid leaks, spills or any drainage. Also, if you missed any faulty wires, this could be dangerous, especially if you’re not there to fix it immediately. 


Now You’re Ready To Store Your Farm Equipment


Now you’re ready to store your farm equipment until the next harvest season. Do you have specific questions about storing or winterizing farm equipment?


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