3 Tips To Start A Food Stand

3 Tips To Start A Food Stand

Are you ready to bring a new dimension to distributing your farm-fresh wares? A food stand may provide the perfect solution. Starting a food stand business adds a new level of convenience to consumers and allows your farm to extend its reach beyond your property. Knowing a few tips to starting your food stand business can ensure you get off on the right foot for success. 

What Type of Stand Works for Your Farm 

The first thing to determine when creating your stand is pinpointing the type of mobility level you'll need. There are three general considerations when determining which model fits your vision. 

  1. Push Cart:This is almost the equivalent of an enclosed shopping cart. Small and lightweight, you can bring a push cart virtually anywhere you'll find foot traffic. You can put your wares inside and keep items warm/cold. Additionally, there is a surface for limited food preparation if needed.
  2. Food Trucks:Today's food trucks offer endless opportunities for customization and added features. Your truck can serve as a method of transport only. For example, you and your crew might load your truck up, park it on the side of the road and wait consumers. Or, you can modify the inside of the truck with as many kitchen features as needed to complement the level of service you're hoping to achieve.
  3. Kiosk: This is the only type of "stand" that actually does stand in place. A kiosk is a permanent structure set up specifically for your needs. You can customize with equipment and signage for advertising even during off house. Due to its fixed nature, it's critical to pick the right spot to open up shop with a kiosk.

Determine Licenses/Permits

Once you've decided what type of stand you want, it's important to go through the licensing and permit process. Every city/state has different requirements when it comes to selling food. Working with your local city hall can help give you the insight you need to ensure you have everything in order. 

Do you have favorite food stand tips? Leave us a note in the comments below. And visit Farm2Ranch.com often for more agricultural suggestions and articles!

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