• Crockpot pancakes

    1-2 hours on high in a smaller crockpot
    Pancake Mix…your regular batter mixed according to the box instructions.  Use the amounts that will work for your number of mouthsto feed.Syrup…1 cup for the Batter + enough for drizzling on the top
    Butter..for the top
    In a large bowl mix up your Pancake batter…stir in one cup of Maple Syrup.Pour the syrupy batter into your Crock-Pot and set it according to your particular amount and time…Add an extra drizzle of Syrup over the batter for good luck, if you’d like.Now..set it but don't forget it.  Check it after 1 hour.

  • Apple Orchard Panini

    Apple Orchard Paninifrom iowagirleats.com
    Italian bread or Ciabatta bunsExtra virgin olive oilApple butterRoasted deli turkeyGranny Smith apples, thinly slicedBrie cheese, sliced
    Preheat panini maker to medium-high. Brush one side of 2 slices of bread with extra virgin olive oil.Turn slices over then spread apple butter generously on both slices. Layer on turkey, apple slices,and brie cheese then place other side of bread on top. Place in panini maker (alternatively, cook the sandwichin a skillet on the stovetop) until golden brown and crispy. Allow to rest for 2 minutes then slice with a serrated knife.

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