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Foreign Animal Diseases - Are You Prepared?

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Posted on: Apr 15th 2019

Source: Missouri Department of Agriculture

Missouri State Veterinarian View - Foreign Animal Diseases - Are You Prepared? What Happens When It Arrives? Dr. Taylor Woods, Missouri Department of Agriculture, outlines what his approach to a Foreign Animal Disease would be and then shares some of the specifics of what might happen on a 72 hour no movement order [presentation video].

"What would be the first thing that would happen? The first thing is your kids don't go to school, your wife doesn't go to work, nobody goes to the grocery store, nobody goes to the feed store, the feed truck doesn't come to your place until there's a method figured out on how to disinfect it."

This presentation is from the 2019 Missouri Pork Expo, February 12 - 13, 2019, Columbia, MO, USA.

Additional presentations are at and at

What Happens To Your Family and Farm During
A 72 Hour No Movement Order?
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