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Kent Nutrition Group Launches NutriVantage for Beef

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Posted on: Apr 12th 2019

Source: Kent Nutrition news release

Beef producers are always trying to find a way to increase average daily gains. Kent Nutrition Group, makers of Kent products, has an exclusive solution to help cattlemen with that goal.

Miles Ramsay shares this report from Kent Nutrition Group.

Dry matter intake is a critical factor for cattle performance and is important to maintain cattle health. For years, cattle producers have relied on BoVantage (BOW-vantage) from Kent Nutrition Group as an outstanding feed supplement - but, now, BoVantage has a new name: NutriVantage for beef.

NutriVantage is a Nutrition Optimizer, an exclusive feed supplement that is a unique blend of natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals that impact cattle performance at every stage and help to increase dry matter intake up to 10 percent.

Beef nutritionist Dr. Brandon Koch (COOK) with Kent Nutrition Group explains.

Koch: "NutriVantage for beef has been around for over ten years, which means for the past decade we've been studying this product and developing it. We've seen consistent results in it that shows more a stable and healthy rumen environment. This means we've seen consistent increases in dry matter intake. Intake drives performance, and that means producers can expect to see a consistent, positive return on investment."

Koch is part of Kent Nutrition Group's team of Ph.D. nutritionists, which has spent more than a decade researching, developing and field-testing NutriVantage at its 800-acre Product Development Center near Muscatine, Iowa.

NutriVantage can be used at every stage of beef production - from calves to feeders to the breeding herd. Optimizing cattle performance will ultimately impact beef producers' bottom lines.

Koch: "NutriVantage for beef consists of exclusive ingredients ranging from organic macro molecules, minerals, and antioxidants. All of these work together, in a way, to help stabilize the rumen environment and in turn help live animal performance. One of those aspects we see is a consistent increase of over ¼ pound per head per day in average daily gain."

Another benefit that sets NutriVantage for beef apart is the support of a healthy rumen environment, which impacts overall performance. Studies have shown a significant reduction in retreatments and evidence of reduced mortality rates in cattle fed a diet including NutriVantage for beef.

Koch: "Over 70% of the immune system lives within the gut. As a nutritionist that's the first place we can impact animal health. We've focused on this area developing NutriVantage for beef, as such we've seen some positive results such that we reduce the retreatments of cattle, and we reduce the mortality as well.

"Because it can be used in all phases of production, we see a positive impact on the return on investment for producers, whether they're trying to sell the most weaned weight in the fall after weaning calves or if they're trying to capitalize on the fed beef market through the finishing phase."

NutriVantage Nutrition Optimizer is also available in formulas designed for other species besides beef cattle.

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