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Successful Farming Names Purdue-Based Solinftec a 2019 Ag Tech Startup to Watch

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Posted on: Jan 29th 2019

Source: Tom Coyne, Purdue University

Tom Farms in Huntington County, Indiana, has already benefited from being a test site for Solinftec’s suite of apps to advance the production of row crops. The apps tell equipment operators where and when they need to be. Kip Tom, the managing member of Tom Farms, praised Solinftec in the article.

“They’re really focused on equipment optimization and want to bring in the ability to support blockchain technology along the way,” Tom said. “What’s impressed me most about this company is its willingness to adapt to U.S. crops and its interest in listening to producers to help its product be more intuitive for the user.”

Tom also talks about Solinftec in a video here.

Solinftec (SOL-inf-tek) is a Brazil-based company known for making sugarcane and row crop operations more efficient by creating Internet of Things platforms to integrate and digitize all aspects of farming operations generating meaningful insights in real-time. It announced in November that it was opening offices near Purdue University to bring its technology to the U.S. market, creating 90 jobs in 2019 and up to 334 high-wage jobs by 2022.

Daniel Padrão, Solinftec’s chief operating officer, said giving farmers answers quickly is key.

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“Our solutions focus on using data to solve problems at the time they arise, in real time and online, and not just for reports and maps to be analyzed after farmers already have lost yield and money,” Padrão said. “Today, our platform of solutions supports farmers on more than 16 million acres in crops like corn, soybeans, cotton, sugarcane, citrus, coffee and almonds.”

The company offers a full stack of solutions that farmers can choose from, which range in price from $3 to $10 per acre per year. Padrão says it’s important to highlight that a great deal of thought went into its pricing to deliver a very clear and fast payback for farmers.

“Our goal is to develop solutions that address some of the most important challenges farmers, in the U.S. and around the globe face in feeding a growing population, for that we create digital assistance that delivers to the farmer actionable insights in real time” Padrão said. “We are certain our collaboration and partnership with Purdue will play a central role in our journey to develop the next generation of solutions for agriculture.”

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