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Persistent Rain Leads to Further Planting Delays

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Posted on: Jun 06th 2019

Source: BrownField AgNews

Corn and soybean planting have reached record delays.

USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey says as of Sunday only 67% of the nation's corn crop was planted.

"That is by far a record. The previous record was 77% on that date in 1995."

And with just 39% of US soybeans planted, Rippey says that also breaks the 1995 record. Nationally, soybean planting is 40 percentage points behind the five-year average.

Corn planting is less than halfway done in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and the Dakotas.

"The furthest behind is Indiana at 31% planted. The five-year average is 94%."

Indiana, Illinois and the Dakotas are at least 50 percentage points behind their respective five- year averages.

Rippey says many of the same states are behind in soybean planting.

"We see planting progress for soybeans less than one quarter of the crop by June 2nd in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio and South Dakota."

"Furthest behind is South Dakota at just 14% planted. The five-year average is 82%."

Illinois and Indiana are just slightly ahead of South Dakota, but still far behind average.

"Both states 63 percentage points behind their respective average with 21% planted in Illinois and 17% in Indiana."

More rain is expected across the Corn Belt this week, with up to four inches predicted in parts of Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.

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