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Springtime and your Garden

Crafts & Gardening | OK

Posted on: Mar 18th 2019

Source: Oklahoma State University

As winter’s chill melts into spring’s warmth, Oklahoma State University experts offer their best tips, strategies and insights for safely enjoying the season.

It is time to start making spring garden preparations

Now that daylight saving time has arrived, Oklahoma gardeners are anxious to start prepping for spring vegetable gardening season.

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Making your landscape unattractive to pests

Homeowners take pride in how their homes look. From curb appeal to interior design, the goal is to make their homes look as good as possible.

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Now is the time to plant seeds for transplants

Although there is still the opportunity for freezing temperatures across the state, gardeners can get a jump start on their summer vegetables and flowers by starting seeds indoors now.

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Six steps to a successful vegetable garden

A thick slice of tomato, picked fresh from the vine, is a great addition to almost any sandwich. Throw on a leaf or two of garden-fresh lettuce and you’ve got yourself a winning combination.

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Containers add a touch of whimsy to your gardening efforts

Gardens are a wonderful addition to any home. Dressing up the landscape certainly adds to the curb appeal when flower beds are filled with a colorful assortment of perennials, annuals, shrubs and even vegetables.

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