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Decreased values may mean opportunity

Farm & Ranch Life | IA

Posted on: Jan 10th 2019

Source: Times Citizens


Of Iowa’s nine reporting districts, five indicated a decrease in farmland values last year. The central, of which Hardin County is part, had the second-largest decrease at 2.4 percent. The two central tiers just to the north, including Franklin County, saw just a 0.2 percent decrease. Only two districts — south central and west central — experienced increases in value. The rest saw no change.

And so went the 2018 Iowa State University Land Value Survey. The report, released by ISU Assistant Professor of Economics and ISU Extension Economist Dr. Wendong Zhang, is based on the responses of agriculture professionals. Of the 793 individuals questioned, 624 responded. Survey respondents included farm managers, appraisers, ag lenders, realtors and farmers.

Percentage Change in Iowa Land Values 2017 to 2018

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